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Established in 2001, our mission is to make it easy for you to give your unwanted items, time, and service to organizations that help those in need. Our FREE website makes the donating process quick and easy.
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I am the board president of Exodus 3 Ministries. E3M is extremely grateful for the services of GTO. We work with a variety of low income and homeless clients. Our most recent recipient is a woman who is recovering from surgery and was also hospitalized for a battle with pneumonia. She was sleeping on the floor because she had no furniture in her apartment. Thanks to GTO and a generous donor, Anne, we were able to give her a bed, sheets, blankets and pillows. Blessings to Amy and everyone involved in GTO for the wonderful service they provide!
By: Cathy Peterson
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connects individuals, families and businesses in the community with local nonprofits that benefit from their donated goods and services.
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