"We truly are so grateful for the continued support for the donations received through givetoothers.com. The support allows us to continue providing resources to the people in our community who need them most. People like you truly make a difference in the world, and we’re incredibly grateful! ~ Brian Bento, St.Camillus "

- Brian | 5/1/2023

"Our charitable foundation was helping a patient who had lost most of her belongings because of a neighbor's apartment fire. This older woman with health issues was literally sleeping on the hard floor of her apartment on blankets and clothing. Our organization was able to purchase a brand new mattress and linens for her and a metal bed frame. We saw on Give to Others that someone was donating a beautiful wooden sleigh bed and side table. We were able to claim those items and get them to our patient to make sure she had a fully functioning bedroom that she could be proud of. Her eyes lit up when we brought in the beautiful wooden bed!"

- Courtney Armbruster | 1/16/2023

"I would like to thank Mary Nelson and her wonderful nieces for coming to pick up the bedroom set I submitted onto the Give To Other's website! They are a wonderful non-profit and I would donate to them again!"

- Michelle Musuraca | 10/22/2022

"So easy to follow this website! It answered questions that come to mind. Certainly will use again and also recommend to friends!"

- Nancy Graceffo | 7/19/2021

"I donated an IndeeLift "people lifter" which I had from my husband who past away last year. So happy to be able to give it to someone for her son to use who has M.S. It's a great program you have and I feel so good knowing someone will be helped by my donated item."

- Susan Terino | 5/18/2021

"“I had some new medical supplies from my Husband who recently passed away. So happy that you were able to help find someone in need. I was contacted by an organization that had a need and they just came and picked them up... thank you !” - Susan Terino "

- Susan Terino | 9/4/2020

"Give to Others mission is a reminder that we're all connected by spreading hope and a better way of life for those in need within our community. "

- Brian | 8/27/2020

"“Mr. Gartner came with a helper to pick up the bed I had donated. He was very happy with it!! My daughter and I also gave him some linens for the bed and fleece blankets. He was very happy and I was glad to help him out. I will certainly use you for donations if I have more in the future. “"

- Jane Matteson | 9/27/2019

"I would like to say thank you to Give to Others for being such a enormous resource for agencies to connect with generous donors for items that are greatly needed to help their community. The Mary Nelson’s Youth Center is proud to share we just accepted a computer and 2 laptops for our new youth media room. Thank You!"

- Mary Nelson | 3/27/2019

"When you lose a loved one like a parent it is a daunting task to go through your parents things, but it already feel good inside knowing that their items could help and assist other people in their lives by donating them. My parents were huge givers! This would make them very happy to know they are continuing to help those in need. Thank you to the Give To Others service. "

- local Family | 3/26/2019

"I am the board president of Exodus 3 Ministries. E3M is extremely grateful for the services of GTO. We work with a variety of low income and homeless clients. Our most recent recipient is a woman who is recovering from surgery and was also hospitalized for a battle with pneumonia. She was sleeping on the floor because she had no furniture in her apartment. Thanks to GTO and a generous donor, Anne, we were able to give her a bed, sheets, blankets and pillows. Blessings to Amy and everyone involved in GTO for the wonderful service they provide!"

- Cathy Peterson | 3/18/2019

"This site makes it so easy to make a difference with our donations. The items we posted were spoken for quickly and we made arrangements to deliver. The recipients were very grateful and even called us a week later to thank us again. It feels nice to know our donations went directly to people in need. We will definitely use Give To Others again!"

- Sonja Rizzo | 3/9/2019

"My name is Lara Graves, Field Marketing Specialist with Spectrum Reach. The Spectrum Reach team wanted to give back this holiday season by building and donating 15 children’s bicycles during our company offsite meeting. We reached out to Amy Caputo with Give To Others about the donation. Amy was ecstatic and quickly connected us with Jessica Huertas, Clubhouse Director at the Hamilton Street Clubhouse, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse. Jessica attended our offsite event where she saw our team building the bikes. She shared about the impact the bikes would have in our community and thanked our group. It was a perfect partnership and pleasure working with Give To Others and the Boys & Girls Club of Syracuse. Lara Graves - Spectrum Reach, Syr. "

- Lara Graves | 12/20/2018

"“The Give To Others web site has become not only a community resource but a pillar of Hope!” The Give To Others service is an open door that continuously connects organizations and individuals with ease to access household items like furniture and clothing. Our Care Managers are able to meet the emergent needs of their clients as a result of utilizing the G.T.O. web site and the generosity of their private donors. It also allows our Care Managers to provide more than just tangible items, but we are now better able to assist our clients meet the needs of their families which results in a feeling of confidence, joy and pride! "

- Lisa Smith - St. Joseph’s Health Care Coordination Network | 12/14/2018

"My name is Denise Moore, Director of the Seals Community Center at Kirk Park. The center is located on the Syracuse's southside. We have been registered with the Give To Others web site for the past 14 years and have benefited from it tremendously. G.T.O. has helped to provide furniture, televisions, computers, toys, books, hygiene products and more to the children and families we serve. Also others in the surrounding community have been able to receive much needed goods from the website as well. We have accepted donations such as; beds, furniture, washer and dryers, clothing and more. The existence of Give To Others has been extremely beneficial with helping those in need in our community. We are so very appreciative of the amazing connections we have had over the years through G.T.O. "

- Denise Moore | 12/14/2018

"This web site was such a fast and easy way to share with the community what I had to give. I simply posted a photo and submitted the form. The very next day I received a call from a grateful local charity who accepted my donation. I love this site!"

- Beverly Thomas | 12/13/2018

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